Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soldiers of Sorrow (intro)

As far as the eye could see, this world was at an end. Once Green, and brown and all the majestic colors of life. Now the Land scape of Rhamos was a pale dying red, and muskie black.
On Mt. Fyskal, Third Company held the Outpost "Ernia Veniotaras".
This Outpost was the only secure location into the Mother Land of The Monastery of the Apocalypse Angels, Simply known as "The Fortress".
Time and time again, Oraticar and his Company fought back the Tyranid Onslaught, but not alone.
Three tired, and under staffed Imperial Guard Regiments held their own banner with Oraticar, The Rhamora Guard and a small Titan Legio also, stood with the Marines.
Should this Outpost fall, the end of the Planet is assured.
With Winter setting in fast, anyone caught in the outpost would surely be lost.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Coven of Hell part II

Brother Grendel.
Once apart of the 9th Company, he actions were duely noted when he heroicly took it upon himself to hold the Room of Catharsis, one of the ways into the Fortress.
He and his Squad joined the Late Chapter Master Godric to the Reclusiam and ultimatly decided the fate of the War itself.

Brother Justarean.
Brother Seargent Justarean actions were viewed after he and his Scouts killed several key Tyranid Synaspe creatures all over the world. They strongly bolstered the defense of the Rhamorian Guard and the Legio Rhamotacicus.
Unfortuantly for he and his Squad, during a simple recon mission, they fell under attack by a huge reinforced Tyranid Warrior wave.
Fighting to the bitter end, each of his Scouts dying one by one, Scout Dynames being the last to die, right in the hands of Justarean during extraction.

Brother Dervex
He and his devistators held the main gate of the Fortress.
Only moving to fall back to the inner walls, they fought and died holding back the Tyranid threat.
Dervex was the only member left, but only just.
He is more augementics than Astartes, having only 15% of his original body left.

Brother Tyridimir
He and his squad, led one of the most succesful counter attacks against the main Tyranid advance.
Without his squad and the 7th company, the 8th and 9th Compaines defending the Fortress would have been lost for sure.
He was last of his squad when Company Champion Epolous fell from Captains Kausis view.
Seeing the hero of the Company tragicly fall, he fought through the Tyranid hord to recover Epolous's sword.
His promotion came through the voice of his Captain.

Brother Epion.
Originaly from the sacred 1st Company.
He and his squad held Godric's position when, he fell.
They also held the flanks of the anchient Dark Angel FellBlade "Rapturus Rex."

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Chosen of Rynthae, the Coven of Hell. Part One.

In the time of the First Chapter Master Godric, the Coven of Hell was a squad elected before each major operation and engagement.
Given Honours of the Chapter and the most Venerable and eldest weaponry of the chapter.
Now, in the reign of Rynthae the Coven of Hell was erected from the ashes of fallen squads of every Company of the Apocalypse Angels.

Calisitarius, the Chapter Champion, was Elected Champion from Oraticars own Command squad after the battle of Gorgon Pass during the Great War of Rhamos.
He, Oraticar and seven other members of the Third Company held the pass by them selves for an entire day and night, until they could be extracted. Calisitarius, being the last one out, fighting for the safe passage of his Captain and Company.

Brother Grigore, was a member of Fourth Company.
He was elected upon his return from Castle Gorgon, where he fought his way through the Tyranid onslaught.
He was no alone in this action, he was joined by a Rhamorian Imperial Guard Command Squad the "Trouble Makers"
Led by Lord Commisar Tobias Florn.
Tobias Florn lived though the ordeal and is now, Lord Commadant Florn.

Brother Sergio, was a member of 8th Company.
He was elected after the Defence of The Coven, the Fortress of Angels.
He was part of the forward defense, but when his squad was assaulted by a Trigon, leaving he and two of his own squad alive, they were put back in the Fortress to guard the Gene-Seed of the Chapter.
Again he and his Squad were attacked, and after the assault only Sergio left he vowed upon death not to leave his position for the remainder of the War.

Brother Ulrieth, was a originally a Marine of the White Consuls.
He carries the banner of the Chapter after Defending the Hall of the Past, given to his Tactical Squad of sixth company.
He and all them members of his Squad fought with Valour and Honour but the menace of the Tyranids was to great.
His squad was unable to fight the swarm of Gaunts and Ripper Swarms and was mercylessly scythed down.
When, the Hive Tyrant was killed only did the Swarm subside, leaving the floor of the Hall knee deep in blood, and his Brothers Honourably dead. It is said that Ulrieth took up Sergeant Mortidis' Power Sword and anchient Infernus Pistol and killed a Tyranid Prime, and its Warrior Brood, single handedly.

Brother Atias, is from Rynthaes own Second Company.
He was elected for his actions on Rygors Bridge.
He and his Assault Squad were ambused during there mission to destroy the Bridge.
Atias was the only one left to blow the bridge, and by some strange luck, the explosion of the bridge did not end Atias's life. He was found later after the war, locked in his dead Power Armour.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kantus Vizard, the Lord Psyker.

The first of only three Psykers in the Apocalypse Angels, Kantus was originally from the Dark Angels His anchient Terminator armour has been outfitted to retain maximum damage and let loose amazing burts of speed. His signature power, dubbed "Pandemonium" by the Chaplains of the Dark Angels, causes unnatural disorientation, blindness and seizures. He is also trained in the regular Psychic arts.

Ws.6 Bs.5 S.4 W.2 T.4 A.3 I4 Sv.2+ 230pts
Wargear. Force Axe, Terminator armour, Storm Sheild, Psy Hood.
Special Rules, Psyker, Furious Charge, Feel No Pain

Pandemonium. This power is used at the start of either Assult phase. When cast all enemy units within 2D6" take a-1 to I for that round Also, if cast during the opponets battle phase, the unit(s) assulting the Psyker also do not gain the +1 for charging and the +1 for combat weapons.
Vizard also has the powers, Force Dome, Smite, Might of the Ancients, and the Quickening, and may cast two powers per turn.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new list I made and am rather fond of.

I won't go into point costs or exact weaponry not until I play it more and prefect it.

Command Squad

Tactical squads X3

Fast attack
Assault Squad X2

Heavy Support
Devistator squad X2

Terminators X2

I'm gonna play this list a few more times, this is a simple variation on my regualr 2500point list.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tain Maar, Evangelion of the the Apocalypse.

Tain Maar, is the master of Sanctity of the Apocalypse Angels Having served the Dark Angels as an Interrorgator, he swiftly left his father Chapter to serve with Godric and Rynthae His last actions as an Interrorgator was halting a Red Corsairs advance in the Thendum system Among being a Chaplain, he is a natural born killer. His augmented arms and legs only amplify the destructive powers of being an Astartes His thirst for blood and destruction gives him the nickname, Storm by fellow Brothers of the Chapter.

Ws5 Bs5 S4 T4 I5 W3 A3 LD10 Sv2+ 225points
Wargear, Storm Breaker., Armour of Sanctity, Rosarius of Death, Bolt Pistol, Digital Weapons
Special Rules. Linaties of hate, Honour of the Chapter,The Call of Doom.
Storm breaker, is a two handed Crozius that strikes at S6
Armour of Sanctity, is a suit of Artificer Armour that incorporates a Teleporthomer/locator beacon
Rosarius of Death gives a 3+invul save and inclose combat gives a -1 to units trying to runaway. (As they are caugh n the power field of the Rosarius.
The Call of Doom. All units within 12" of Tain gain D3As when they charge. This does not include Tain himself

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whats missing.

Well, thinking about it...I'm already almost done with my Apoc Angels.
From the start I only wanted a company of marines.
Oh wait, I have that.
But now since I've been playing Apoc I've been wanting to add models and vehicles, and turn it into a Strike Force.
I already sort of have that but whatever.
Really, I want only a few more units and armour.
I lied, I want a ton of armour.
I also need enough special weapons for all my squads.
So, 14 missle launchers(6 for Tact squads and 8for the dev squads) and the other options.
Yeah the same for the Special weapons for the Tact squads.
Should I make a list?
Ok I will.
Special weapons:


Units I need:
2Scouts Squads with Shotguns.
2Scout Squads with Close Combat Weapons.
2Scout Squads with Snipers.
2Scout Squads with Bolters.
2LandSpeederStorms for each Scout Squad.
2Sternguard Squads.
-phew- that's a lot..

2Predator Destructors
2Predator Anihilators
1Landraider Crusader

That's about all I can think of..its along list lol.