Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soldiers of Sorrow (intro)

As far as the eye could see, this world was at an end. Once Green, and brown and all the majestic colors of life. Now the Land scape of Rhamos was a pale dying red, and muskie black.
On Mt. Fyskal, Third Company held the Outpost "Ernia Veniotaras".
This Outpost was the only secure location into the Mother Land of The Monastery of the Apocalypse Angels, Simply known as "The Fortress".
Time and time again, Oraticar and his Company fought back the Tyranid Onslaught, but not alone.
Three tired, and under staffed Imperial Guard Regiments held their own banner with Oraticar, The Rhamora Guard and a small Titan Legio also, stood with the Marines.
Should this Outpost fall, the end of the Planet is assured.
With Winter setting in fast, anyone caught in the outpost would surely be lost.

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